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Default Re: Far Cry benchmark

BTW, got Far Cry today, loaded up the 1.1 patch and am in the process of defragmenting my hard drive. It got badly fragmented installing this

Will see how this goes at 1024 x 768. I'm toying with the idea however, if it's too low, I should be able to OC my CPU a little and see. Lets just say that on the AXP 1900+ I have an OCZ Gladiator copper sink I bought several years ago from the Overclockerz store, it does keep my CPU down to about 42-44 C under load, and I got Corsair XMS 2400 CAS 2.0 DDR (effectively rated at 300 MHz DDR, running on a DDR 266 MHz bus). I sorta designed a system that can OC, but didn't really push it to date

Will see first at stock, and then decide from there...
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