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Originally posted by halibut007
I am having the same problem. No audio on a K7n420 Pro board. I am compiling from tar and also src.rpm. tried them both. I get the unresolved symbol for ac97 also.

In gnome I can open the sound card detection program and it lists nforce audio i810_audio twice.

Any help is appreciated.
I'm having this exact problem. No ALSA on my machine either. I've also used the standard RPMS to no avail. I am on the updated 2.4.18-17.8.0 kernel.
When I run modprobe i810_Audio my machine locks and I get acquainted with the reset button.


Everything is correct as far as the documentation and setup goes. I just get no sound. Of Course, this happened to me with RH7.3 and I wrote the FAQ on how to fix it. :-) I seem to recall that we were using NVAUDIO because there was an IRQ issue with i810_audio....hmm...gonna go check to see what my bios irq setting is for my sound card. :-)

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