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Default Re: Far Cry benchmark

Can someone tell me what the set of benchmarks does wrt resolution, color depth, and refresh rate?

I ask, because running the first, it went so far in, and then I got an out of range message from my monitor. Whatever it is, my monitor doesn't like, and pukes. I'm not sure if it was finished and reset settings different then they were when it started, or what. Nothing showed up in the results folder however, when I rebooted. I did set the res in the bench to something that should be handled by the bench though...

Edit: The first bench BSODed earlier in trying to run it again, hmm... A System Error as recorded in event viewer

Error code 100000d1, Parameter1 00000001, Parameter2 00000009, Parameter3, 00000001, Parameter4 b4a2156b
There was no over-clocking this run around...

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