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Default Re: Power Supply / 6800 Series Sticky

My 6800NU arrived yesterday.

Unfortunately I've had artefacts on the BIOS boot up screens as well as Windows.

I've tried a Q-Tec "550W" PSU and a AOpen 300W PSU with the same results. The PSU is my prime suspect (apart from a faulty card of course) so I'm getting a new PSU.

I'm thinking of getting a "Super Flower Real 520w Quadruple Fan PSU".

Any ideas/recommendations?

Here are the specs of my current PSUs:

"550W PSU"
+3.3V@20A (Max, (Peak=30A)
+5V@35A (Max, (Peak=40A)
+12V@14A (Max, (Peak=20A)

300W PSU
(+3.3V&+5V=180W Max)
(+3.3V&+5V&+12v=280W Max)

The specs of the Super Flower are not listed on the retailers website and they actually vary depending on which of the manufacturers websites you visit. But one of these could be them:

Super Flower
(+3.3V&+5V=263W Max)
(+3.3V&+5V&+12v=506W Max)


Super Flower
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