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Default Re: Random freezing in FarCry otehr games and 3Dmark03 on 6800's (Solution!) + bigger OCs

Fastwrites is greyed out in rivatuner, even disabled danger settings.. But in the greyed out part it says its disabled anyway... going to try setting 2d same as 3d.. Im having lockups as soon as i try to OC my XFX 6800 Ultra in Farcry after 5 min or so...

Ok tried syncing the 2d and 3d OC, doesnt help. If i choose auto detect optimal frequency it defaults to the standard frequency setting of my videocard wich is weird since its clocked at 425/1.2 default. So its overclocked alrdy so why can't i go any higher and why doesn't the autodetect frequency setting find another setting that it likes.. Can't be a coincidence that 425/1.2 is the max it detects AND is the default setting of the card?
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