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Default Re: Power Supply / 6800 Series Sticky

Originally Posted by r2d2d3d4d5
My 6800NU arrived yesterday.

Unfortunately I've had artefacts on the BIOS boot up screens as well as Windows.

Here are the specs of my current PSUs:

"550W PSU"
+3.3V@20A (Max, (Peak=30A)
+5V@35A (Max, (Peak=40A)
+12V@14A (Max, (Peak=20A)

300W PSU
(+3.3V&+5V=180W Max)
(+3.3V&+5V&+12v=280W Max)
Both of these power supplies are insufficient. The +12 on the Q-tec is only 14a(even tho peak is 20a peak is NOT a sustained lvl, but maximum at one time)
The Aopen also is too low as the +12 is only at 15a. You need a PSU that carries at least 18a on the +12(and not just a peak rating but sustained).
Wattage of a PSU isnt the tell tale sign that its a good performer. AS you said the q-tec is a 550 watt PSU but it cant carry the load. I have a 420 watt PSU, but its +12 rail is 18a sustained.
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