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Can't think of anything but XMMS for your MP3 playback. AFAIK it is not a port of Winamp per sae, but it does look the same and can use the same skins as Winamp 2.x. It even has OGG Vorbis support, which I strongly suggest you to try. I'm baffled it was not included in RH8.0 though - although, it wouldn't theorically show up if you're running KDE (but you can add it) since it is a GNOME application.

Open a Konsole (or your favorite command-line window) and type xmms& (the "&" being to actually fork a new process and give you back the command line).

Navigator -> Mozilla. Same thing, GNOME-based app. mozilla& and try it for yourself. GNOME has actually quite a few other nice office-class applications like Gnumeric & AbiWord, Evolution (almost perfect Outlook clone). Don't forget to look into OpenOffice also.

TrueType fonts can't be reused as-is in Linux since X & the Windows GUI are two very different things. I didn't look into that specific problem but a converter "may" exist. Don't hold me to this.
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