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Default Re: Can we have a flame forum?

Originally Posted by SH64
No .
whats keeping nvnews in "the best" list is that its totally (or almost) flame-free forum.
I only asked because I think that when a site has a flame-only forum, it keeps the trash out of the other forums. No matter what you do, there will always be a certain level of it. Although I would agree that the mods here at NVNews seem to keep things well under control, on the other hand I don't necessarily participate in the forums that draw the most traffic (NV), as the "Other Desktop Video Cards" forum seems to be just a small group of us that get along pretty well.

HalfLife Source is considered to be one of the best (and biggest) HL websites out there and they have a thriving Flame Forum - I'm not saying you 'should' have one because they do, rather, I just don't think that having a flame forum would ruin NVNews' pole position on the charts, as you stated above.

Of course I am only a member here, and I respect your decisions when I'm at your house -
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