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Default Re: GeForce 6800 screenshot thread

Originally Posted by Ruined
Here are my SM3.0 training shots, 1600x1200 4xAA/8xAF

I edited out the yellow sm3.0 text cuz it was ugly
(instructions how to do that here.)
Interesting...looks like the guys at ubbxforums actually found out how to do that from here..I can't seem to find a post here about it though. Anyway, here's what they said so you don't have to hunt through it there. Thanks for the tip Ruined.

There's a file you can download that has the text message stripped out of it (or you can do it yourself with a hex editor). It replaces one of the files in the bin directory (make sure you backup the original file first!!!).

I saw it linked on the NVNEWS forum. I'm sure it'll spread around quite quickly.


Thanks for pointing out where to look for the solution.

Appreciated! :-)

Now!, for those who wanna get rid of the text messsage, here's what you have to do(before doing the editing, you better make a copy of the original file, just to be safe):

1. Get a HEX-editor(search via google, many are free to download)
2. Locate the file called "XRenderD3D9.dll" (should be in your FarCry "Bin32" library
3. Open the file via the HEX-editor and do a search for: SM30 Path Beta.
4. Now you delete the text with empty space(important, as you can't just delete the message)
5. Save the change, and fire up FarCry. You now shouldn't be able to see the message displayed anymore.
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