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Default Re: Can we have a flame forum?

Originally Posted by Clay
I wish more people would take a cue from you. I appreciate how you went about suggesting this, really, I do. I don't agree with you and that's fine...I can see your perspective but we prefer to not entertain such a forum here. For one, the Politcal Forum does get heated enough as it is. To go even further isn't really necessary since (as you've pointed out) other sites do entertain these 'no hold barred' forums and those are enough for anyone to go waste their time in.
Actually, now that I've read your replies, I understand why you wouldn't - I guess it would actually attract and encourage negative attention more than anything else...

Anyways, I would like to say thank you for not only yours, but all of the mod's level-headed and accomodating replies here to me - I understand what a chore it can be as I used to admin a QII site back in the day - more often than not 2 seconds after someone was made a mod their head would immediately become filled with hot air and they would be just as bad as some of the members...

Maybe that's why I keep coming here, it's just too bad there isn't more traffic in the ATI forums - there seems to be a decent set of people over there who have the uncommon ability to discuss things without being disrespectful - I guess in part we as members should thank you guys for maintaining such an environment.

Thanks again for hearing me out and not making me feel like an insignificant pud in the process - it speaks volumes about the quality operation that you guys have going.

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