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Default Re: Can we have a flame forum?

Originally Posted by fleshonbone
Actually, now that I've read your replies, I understand why you wouldn't - I guess it would actually attract and encourage negative attention more than anything else...

Anyways, I would like to say thank you for not only yours, but all of the mod's level-headed posts - I understand what a chore it can be as I used to admin a QII site back in the day - more often than not 2 seconds after someone was made a mod their head would immediately become filled with hot air and they would be just as bad as some of the members...

Maybe that's why I keep coming here, it's just too bad there isn't more traffic in the ATI forums - there seems to be a decent set of people over there who have the uncommon ability to discuss things without being disrespectful - I guess in part we as members should thank you guys for maintaining such an environment.

Man you better cut it out or I might be moved to send you a box of cookies or something. Seriously, all of us mods appreciate feedback such as yours. Being a fellow moderator (ah Quake II website, I bet that was a blast ) it's neat to hear your thoughts. Modding is a lot of work (not physical of course but mentally and time consuming) and we all really do try our best here (so that MikeC doesn't smack us down with a trout) . I'm glad you find some members to discuss ATI related things with well here. With guys like you joining in I'm confident that it will grow or at least remain a pleasant palce for discussion.
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