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Default Re: 6800 Series official benchmark thread!

For those using the Audigy2zs, what drivers are you using?
My scores look great up until I get to the sound test. Since of course we play games with sound on I wanted to see what drivers you all were using.
Mine are dated 7/10/03,ver. Any help would be appreciated.

Anyway, against my better judgement (not a benchmark fan) but wanted to see the state my system was in and scored 11544. wow...almost 2x my 9800se-> pro overclocked. Specs:
NF7-S Mobile 2500@ 2160=216*10. Official Abit d.25 bios 1.525v
2*256 Mushkin 3500 lvl1, 1*512 Mushkin 4000@ 2-3-3-11 2.7v
eVGA-6800GT@ 400/1111, all default settings. (just realized I'm running 11mhz over ultra on memory, whoops.)
all current whql nvidia drivers
My cpu mark seemed really high (780 ish) when I compared to the same FSB*11 multi= 2377.
So I'm happy.

Edit: I didn't even reboot after I installed it. Does my score seem normal?
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