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Default Re: Can we have a flame forum?

Originally Posted by PsychoSy
What happens in a Flames forum doesn't tend to STAY in a Flames Forums.

Trust me ...

Hell, the Political Forum has either snapped or put a strain on friendships here as it is!

Don't need to piss more kerosene on the fire ...

My years of experiance in moderating a Flames Forum in the early/late 1990s on a college BBS ... is calling you a dreamer!!
Well, that's the point where some will disagree - I asked because I believe that people are aware of the fact that they have entered a flame forum, thereby making their skin a bit thicker per say - on the contrary, when someone flames in a no flame, normal type forum, it is usually always taken personally.

I understand the pros and cons of both - it highly depends on the wit and sensitivities of the members as well (in order for a flame forum to work) - no big deal either way - I'm sure we'll all be busy with D3 and HL2 soon (hopefully) anyways,


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