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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Originally Posted by Noxis
I did have a problem with random freezing mainly noticed in FarCry (very card stressful) and when attempting to bench in '03

Yes I know there have been several threads but no one has posted a concrete solution. This worked for me and ALOT of other people in the OCUK forum.

First of all I thought heat, then I thought power related. However after lots of testing and forum posts it turns out it was Fast Writes being enabled causing it. I cant take credit but it definitly fixed the problem.

Interestingly disabling it in bios did not disable it in windows and I had to disable it using RivaTuner.

Also instersetingly for people not experiancing this, disabling Fast Writes appears to allow higher overclocks for people using all types of 6800s.

This appears to be a problem specifically on the nforce3 150/250/Pro/non-pro chipset ironically (as far as we know).

The problem has been posted by people in various places but its never been categorically fixed to my knowledge anyway (I did lots of googling believe me!). So I felt it best to post as a FYI for people.

Haha..thanks. I'll try that later...430 core doesn't pause for me in 3dmark03 and I didn't know this..however any higher and it does, producing terrible scores.
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