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Default Re: Can we have a flame forum?

Originally Posted by PsychoSy
Not entirely.

They might be aware of that fact for a portion of time but, as time passes, they forget to be aware of the fact. The proof is our Political Forum: at the onset, it was filled with people who were not only aware of the "have a thicker skin" admonishment, but also participated in spirted debate. Those debates would stay in the Political Forum, too. But, as time went by, those debates bled into other forums, the spirted debates are virtually non-existant, and it's a Flames Forum by proxy to an extent.

My problem with a Flames Forum is simple: THEY SUCK! From a pure quality standpoint alone! Not to toot my own horn, but after the years I've spent moderating one on a BBS with my "Forum Nazi" rules, I've simply seen all there is to see! All the Flames Forums I've seen since then are soooo friggin' weakfished in comparison to what I dealt with, they shouldn't even bare "Flames" in their name -- they should instead be called "Snappy Putdowns & Insults For The Wussified ... From The Wussified!" or the Romper-Room equivilent -- "Whinez & Gwipes"

There is an ART involved in Flaming and 99.9 % of the people today on other boards trying to refine their "craft" are simply wasting their time -- they lack it to begin with! They are to Flames as William Hung is to ......... ahah, see? Now, you get the picture!

There should be a fundamental rule in every Flames Forum: If you don't have at least a 10th grade level in Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar -- GET OUT!!!!
Thanks for the bolding of "They Suck!!", I don't know if I would've gotten your point otherwise

I have modded quite a few forums in my day as well, so I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

One question - you said you employed "Forum Nazi" rules on a flame-only forums? A forum nazi is someone who strictly abides by, or enforces the rules. A flame forum is a forum with little to no rules - I don't get it....maybe that's why your experience with flame forums didn't go over too well?

Thanks for your time.
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