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Default Re: Far Cry 61.76 Vs 61.77

Ok I did a few benches and saw really no change from 61.76 no sm3.0 and 61.77 no sm3.0 or with both drivers and sm3.0 enabled. There are some instances where 3.0 is making a difference however as i just started up farcry and took these screenshots with 3.0 enabled and disabled. These shots were at 1280x1024 everything maxed including water at ultra high, 4xAA and 4xAF. Trilinear optimizations on and AF optimizations off in the control panel. Using 61.77 and final directx 9.0c SP1 (no beta SP for me )

Far cry SM2.0 76FPS
Far cry SM3.0 91 FPS
Difference of 15 FPS at same place in map

Far cry SM2.0 98 FPS
Far cry SM3.0 112 FPS
Difference of 14 FPS at same place in map

Damn it looks like you will have to right click the link, copy it and paste it into a new browser to see the shots.
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