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Default Re: Far Cry 61.76 Vs 61.77

Originally Posted by betterdan
Just found this out...
You don't need to start farcry with any devmode or r_sm30path 1 commands anymore. If you have directx 9.0c, the 61.77 drivers, the newest fxc.exe file and farcry 1.2 just start it up and it's automatically enabled without the crappy yellow words at the top. To see if it's enabled just bring down the console and type \r_3m30path then hit enter. It should say \r_sm30path=1 which means it is enabled.
Argh! Its not true
"D:\Crytek\Far Cry\Bin32\FarCry.exe" "r_sm30path 1" works without dev mode. The console does say its on, however it isnt. If you type \r_sm30path 1 in the console you're FPS will go higher (certain areas).
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