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Post nvidia FreeBSD drivers and linux ut2003

This mail is to explain problems I'm having with my system right now getting ut2003 to run.

First of all, Quake 3, Wolfenstein, Tribes II, etc... all work on my system, just not ut 2003.

When I first finished installing ut2003 and ran it, the splash screen came up, and immediately after that, the computer reboots. So thinking this might be a BIOS issue, I went in and turned off the 1 Waitstate read and write options for AGP. After this, the original install of ut2003 worked fine, so I updated it to the latest version. The latest version just crashes the computer no matter what the bios settings are. I have all the latest XFree86 ports from the ports tree, and and up-to-date stable as of yesterday (11/12) at about 11 pm est.

I have log files (XFree86.0.log from /var/log, and dmesg.boot if anyone wants to see...)

This is my hardware:

Abit kx7-333 mobo (via kt333 chipset)
256MB crucial (micron) pc2100 ddr sdram
hercules Fortissimo 2 soundcard
Geforce 3 Ti 200

I have agp running in 4x, and all the bios settings I'm using work fine in windows with ut2003 and all other games (I'd like to get rid of windows, and the only reason I still have it is for games)

Anyway... anyone have any ideas, want more info?
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