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Default Re: Far Cry 61.76 Vs 61.77

Originally Posted by betterdan
Mods please delete my last 2 posts

Ok I did some benches with the ubisoft timedemos and got the following.
All tests were run at Resolution: 1280×1024
Maximum quality option, Direct3D renderer
Antialising: None
Anisotrophic filtering: 1×
no sound
Using only 61.77 drivers

SM2.0b Score = 49.83 FPS
SM3.0 Score = 50.93 FPS

SM2.0b Score = 74.62 FPS
SM3.0 Score = 83.30 FPS

SM2.0b Score = 53.97 FPS
SM3.0 Score = 53.77 FPS

SM2.0b Score = 76.67 FPS
SM3.0 Score = 83.46 FPS
Uhh since when is 2.0b enabled? So much happend while I was gone today.
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