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Default Can we have a boobies forum ?

Boobies, are part of a mans staple diet, unless you're one of the moustache wairing type, who also likes the letters YMCA, and 80's Tom Selleck posters.

I love boobies, my GF has boobies, BIG boobies, and the bitch knows it, too. She uses them to her advantage, like the other day when she wanted to go to a god-damn B and bloody Q DIY store.
We ain't going to that bloody place, you'll be there for flippin hours walking around, then you won't buy anything.
What if I show you THESE !!
Hot damn, if we weren't down there quicker than a quick thing, going quick.
Then, last week, her flippin boring parents rang up and wanted to do dinner. I hate that, it's just sooo boring, and never seems to end.
This time, I had to stomp my huge authority foot, down.
But she just got them out, and promised I could play with them, but only when we got back.
That day went slower than the worlds slowest snail, super-glued to the floor. But I got to play with them.

Sod Doom 3, HL2, Farcry. BOOBIES, are much more fun.

Imagine if you logged into this forum, bored, fed up. Just goto the Boobies forum, have a look around, and BINGO !!
You instantly feel better, and soo relaxed you could face a tribe of Rage3D users, who've just been told that Doom3 wont run on ATI cards
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