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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

I have the same random freeze/low fps problem. I have allways run my pc's with FW on without a single problem on Ti's and an FX.

The freeze first showed up for me a the other week on my FX 5900XT when i changed to driver 61.76 whql. Since then i have installed a 6800GT and have moved to 61.77 and dx9c hoping that this would solve the problem, but it hasn't.

I am guessing that this is a driver issue and not a bios/FW/game related problem because the problem was on my FX card also so its not only 6800's. Anyone using drivers earlier than 61.76 have this random freeze/low fps problem ?

Im gonna roll back to a pre 61.76 driver, or maybe give 62.xx a try.
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