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Default No go with Nvidia drivers

Ok, I'm running an Athlon XP 1800+ on an MSI KT3-Ultra(kt333) running Debian. I've installed the drivers as said on the Nvidia website from the tar.gz files. When I startx I just get a black screen and the console freezes period. According to XFree86.0.log everything is ok until it sets the mode to 1024x768 and that's it. I can still ssh into my box but that's it, no input comes in from the console and XFree86 starts eating up 99% of my cpu time. I've tried fiddling with agp, it's a nogo no matter what mode I put it into. Someone please help, I've been running linux for 2 years exclusively now but if I can't use my brand new $300 in hardware I'm just going to dump it but I really don't want to....
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