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Default Re: GeForce 6800 screenshot thread

Originally Posted by Lali

I'm getting some corruption on my old GF Ti4200 for the first time in two years.

I am receiving my Geforce 6800 Ultra tomorrow and I was wondering if you think it's the card that's dying or if it's software-related. Please look:

Here is what I did and my setup:

P4 3.06/1gb ram/Asus GF Ti4200 128MB/Asus P4Pe mobo/etc.

I installed this:

Windows XP SP1, then:
1. Intel chipset software installation utility 5.00.1012
2. DirectX 9.0b
3. Intel application accelerator
4. nVidia driver 61.77 - got corruption
5. nvidia driver 56.72 - got corruption
6. nVidia driver 52.16 - got corruption

Have you guys ever seen something like that? Do you have an idea of what it could be???



looks like my Ti4600Ultra .........

all i did was put in a crap CASE when I got my GT .AND

forgot to clock it down.

it showed no tear .....artifacts nothing. I tested rig all night to sell next day. Plugged in video in DOH O/Clocked ... I think thats what buggered mine anyways........

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