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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Originally Posted by Golden Sample

Some questions for you

-Cooling? Water or stock air cooling? Temps?
-450/1200 in 3D only or in 2D/3D?
-No Problems in any Bench, Game etc...
-Revision number bios?

Well, thanks in advance!


Hey "Nox"

Could you do me a favor?

Can you examine the "new" Gainward Bios they provided for the GW Users @ their forum some days ago?

Perhaps there is a different voltage setting in the bios, `cause it`s not a good overclocker. The XFX works good for a lot of People?!?

Hint: Perhaps the GW Bios is good to be tweaked, cause the Fan behaviour is little different from reference: It spins faster than reference when a 3D application is started. --> Louder but Cooler

Perhaps you can check this out , too?

Thanks in advance Noxis

I would be surprised if the gainward has got a low voltage, the max you can give in the bios is 1.5v and the stock specified by nvidia is 1.4.
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