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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Originally Posted by Golden Sample
Hi Noxis,

well, do you think 1,5V and a oc like 450/1200 for example would be dangerous for the 6800 Ultra`s? Perhaps not for the moment, but the "durability"

Or perhaps NVidia kept the option to tweak the bios to 1,5V for some brands like BFG or Gainward to oc their "Extreme Versions"?!?

What temps do you guys get using 1,5 vs 1,4 before?


Actually I was thinking the same thing, the extra .1v in the bios is there for the nvidia partners to push out extra fast boards. I dont think a small increase like .1v will shorten the life the core unless you are planning on keeping it 5 years+ Keep it well cooled and no probs.
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