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Default Re: Far Cry 61.76 Vs 61.77

Originally Posted by ststephen
Yeah but trust me as a recent owner of a 9800XT, a $550 (w/ tax) video card, you feel like a total chump having paid $500+ for a video card when it no longer is the tastiest in 2 months. I feel very happy with my $400 video card -- I don't feel like as much of a sucker. Plus I unloaded the 9800XT for $120, which helped mitigate the cost even more.

I think I did really good with this generation by sticking with the GT. I felt too much like a crack-addled loser paying $500 for a video card that's only cherry for 1 gaming cycle of a few months.
I agree. This one is even all the more sweet because BB honored the brief 299usd deal they had up for it. I planned on trying a X800XT myself, but I couldn't turn down a card like this for that price. Overclocked it is very close to what I would be getting out of the XT.

This generation it seems like you can get much more bang for your buck. Even the 6800, mildly overclocked it a very good deal for 299 msrp. I have seen them do up to 10k in 3dmark03 depending on the OC you get.

Too bad Ati hasn't got the lower clocked version of XT out the door yet.

Sounds like you are set though, a rig that can do 12.4k in 3dmark03 will handle anything coming out.
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