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Default Re: Power Supply / 6800 Series Sticky

Originally Posted by r2d2d3d4d5
eBuyer sent out my PSU a couple of days early and it arrived today.

Unfortunately it has not made any difference. If anything the voltage rails have a slightly greater deviation from the normal than my Q-Tec had, but perhaps that's not important. The Antec is quieter however, which is nice.

So it does indeed seem like I have a faulty GC. I've yet to have a reply from MSI but the 48 hours are still not up.

dont flash your card ,you migh lose the guarantee.
just return your card .. for a new one. but before returning it ,you migh try to do anything of this..

for any 6800 user with problem read here if this helps..

however dont call evga for support ,but your manufacturer
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