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Default Re: Anyone got driver Version: 1.0-6106 to work with 2.6.3-9mdk?

Originally Posted by GreenBandit
I had what could be a similar problem. When I had Driver "nvidia", booting up the X system just gave a black screen freeze.
To sort it underneath the
Option "DPMS"
line I added
Option "NvAgp" "0"
I then had OpenGL support in KDE, BUT NO AGP !! I found this out with the command "dmesg" showed me this.
Given that I have a 741GX chipset NOT supported by the nVidia V61.06 drivers, this seems logical if unwanted.

Hope this helps
Change that to "NVAgp" "2" and it will use native Linux AGPGart and you will get AGP acceleration. I have an unsupported chipset as well, works just fine.

As to the original poster, I have had the 6106 driver working pefectly in Mdk 2.6.3-7 and 2.6.3-15 so I would assume -9 will function as well, post your XF86Config-4 (the module and device section).
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