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Default Linux & NTFS - The correct way ?

I have some NTFS partitions.
I usually add NTFS support by recompiling the kernel. Is there any other way to add NTFS support without recompiling the kernel. Also are the following steps to add NTFS support correct ?

<New Linux Redhat 8 Installation done>

usr/src/2.4.18-3 $ make xconfig
< Enable NTFS support, save & exit >
usr/src/2.4.18-3 $ make dep
usr/src/2.4.18-3 $ make bzImage
usr/src/2.4.18-3 $ make modules
usr/src/2.4.18-3 $ make modules_install

<Add entry in grub.conf for bzImage>


These are the only steps that I do.

Are there any more steps needed ? (Like backing up some files, copying some directories/files etc. )
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