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Lightbulb Re: ~ Official Doom3 Feedback Thread ~

I just bought DOOM3 at BestBuy!
I called ahead and asked if they had it and was told
that indeed they did but not on display... "it was in back".
I asked if I could come by and pick up a copy and was told "sure".

Got there and asked the guy by software for DOOM3, he said hold on
while he asked a manager, He was given the ok to sell it to me.

I have been playing for about an hour & it is amazing! Really well done from
what I've seen so far. I'm playing with High Quality, 1024@768. Looks & runs
very good. I actually jumped a few times like a wuss, and thats only from
the zombies & Imps.

One thing thats really good (other than the graphics) are the sounds.
The sounds are very sharp and booming. The reload sounds to the blast
from the shotgun really stands out, Very impressive. The atmosphere
is very well done in the begining where you just report for duty and talk
with some of the people on the base. I am really excited and can't wait
to dive in and play tonight.

My computer:
Pentium 4 3.0c
1Gig of RAM
ATI 9800pro (3.10 drivers)
SBLive Sound Card
2 Speaker Setup

[ My DOOM 3 Pics. ]

Here are some DOOM3 Pics I took which takes place before all the demons
come out to play.

Some things that stands out while playing:

While wandering around the base I was called a "newbie" by some of the
marines, that made me smile.

I ran into a John Carmack look alike that wanted to tell me something..
He then decided not to and told me to ignore him. I was thinking of
beating it out of him but decided its theCarmack and let him off the hook.

When shooting zombies they usually drop & their body just lay there.. but a
bullet to the head makes them disintegrate. A well placed shotgun blast
to the face of a charging zombie/demon will give the same effect. You
can even see their skull & bones when they burn up, very cool.

I can't begin tell you how many times I have jumped playing this game..
and I havent even met up with the BIG demons yet. I ran into pinky &
he is alot bigger than he is in that leaked alpha that I didnt download.

I'll take some pics of the multiplayer maps later on.. I havent even loaded
them up yet.

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