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Default Re: ~ Official Doom3 Feedback Thread ~

I wrote a little review on how I think the game is...

"If I could close off any links to the world, lose contact with friends, family and my girlfriend, I truley would. If I could make night, 24 hours a day, to sacrifice all the childrens play time outside during the day, I would have to say yes. Doom III has lived up to all the hype that people have been biting their nails for, for over four years, and yes I can say it goes above and beyond what everyone has been dreaming about for the past four years. Graphics, sound, textures, scenes, gameplay, all these mixed together with John Carmacks coding guru skills and everyone at the iD team is what makes this game. Walking down a hall, with your flashlight equiped, looking at the ceiling, looking at the floor, looking at every detail you can see to your left and right. Dust particles on your flashlight, swirling around in front of you, making the experience that much more exciting, you reach half of the hall, and hear faintly behind you, "" This is the point when you would pause the game and run outside for a breath of air, wondering if you should come back to your game. All I can say is, even at the bottle neck of settings, you are in for luck. If you are fortunate, and have all the good things for this game, you can still enjoy the game as the people who can't afford the goodie hardware for their PC, but ahem...even better. Surround sound is a must for this game, decent graphics card, good processor, and enough memory to make this game a enjoyable playing experience. Your set..."

I give it a 100%, I have found no flaws so far, I am incredibly impressed.
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