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Default Quake 2 /dev/dsp error

Hi There

I am getting a Segmentation Fault (Device in Use /dev/dsp) error when trying to run Quake II on my mandrake 9 system.

I managed to get it running the first time under X with +set vid_ref softx. I then changed the driver to GLX OpenGL under the video options in the menu. the game gave an error, and locked my system. I rebooted and now I get the device in use error whenever I try to run the game. This occurs during the sound initialisation phase.

The other question I have is can I run QuakeII in GLX OpenGL mode with my Nvidia Card ? The HOWTO says that the glx is only for 3DFX cards.

I can still run Quake III and Unreal Tournament 2003 without any problems. Even Tuxracer works fine with sound.

Any help or insight into how to unlock /dev/dsp would be greatly appreciated here.

Kind Regards

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