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Default Re: Doom3 Screenshot Thread **Possible Spoilers**

guys .. set 1600x1200 ultra quality 4xaa/AF2x [optimization enable]

and use this command.. in the console..

\pm_thirdpersonpayer 1

but also try..

\pm_thirdpersonangle 45

\pm_thirdpersonrange 90

and play with the angle numbers or range..
and post your screenshots here ,you will see how detailed really the marine guy is ,its uniform ,helmet and weapons. When i get my hands in the game be prepared to see Doom3 like you never have seen it before.

btw.. this is the place to visit to be updated about Doom3 maps or Mods.. bookmark it.

is in german ,but have many links to enghish sites.. but also pictures speaks better than language..

here is a quake2 MOd already in progress and high quality D3 maps with tutorials

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