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Default Re: GeForce 6800 power supply questions

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD
I am gonna get the 6800 non Ultra and I wonder if my PSU will be ok, i think it it but better be on the safe side.

Levicom VP500B.BL 500W
+3,3 V: 28A
+5,0 V: 30A
+12,0 V: 34A
-5 V: 0,3A
-12 V: 0,8A
+5Vsb: 2,0A

Computer is:
xp2500+@ 3200+
512mb dual ddr 400
geforce4 4800
1 WD 80gb, 1 120gb (both 7600rpm).
Liteon CDr, Samsung DVD reader.
+5 case fans and some ccfls.
Nah sorry a 500watt 34A psu wont handle a 6800 lol come on man get with it, an ULTRA needs only a 350 watt, so why do you think a non ultra would need anything higher?
Core 2 6600 @ 3.11ghz
2gb ocz 6400 ram
8800GTX @ 640/1050 - Dead, now using 6200
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