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Yesterday I received a call from a friend of mine: "I've got Doom 3, pay me a visit and I'll show you this proggy" So I went and played with Doom for half an hour on his rig (Athlon XP 2800+ 1GB RAM FX5900 256MB). We played at High detail.

Men, what a disappointment. From the techical point of view, this engine was badly overhyped and overrated. Most of the textures have a comparatively low resolution and they're badly blurred. With bump mapping disabled the general look of the surfaces is even worse. The polycount of the meshes is also very low.
The only impressive part of this engine are the real time shadows; but this alone does not compensate for blocky meshes, flat and lowly detailed surfaces and blurry textures.

After having seen the Unrealengine and Cryengine, I am accustomed to an higher level of detail, both texture and mesh wise. I can tolerate blob shadows or static lighting but there is nothing like walking near a surface and see a badly blurred, flat polygon

These are just my two cents.
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