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Default Does anyone get FX5700 to work with 1.0-6106,P4HT, kernel2.6.7?

Very simple question (I have some problems, though. At first I want to begin with a simple question)

Does anyone get FX5700 to work with 1.0-6106 driver, kernel 2.6.7 on P4-HT in SMT mode? When I try it with GLX extension, Xserver aborts with signal 11. Without GLX extension, it works great (but twinview doesn't work, I don't want to mention it here, because it would make things complicated.) And with kernel2.4.26, it works great, but as a matter of course, 2.4.26 doesn't support HT (for the time being?) and I don't want to use it. Now I'm trying kernel2.6.7 with SMP and SMT(Hyperthreading scheduler support) on Debian Sarge.

At first I just want to know someone could make it or not. As a matter of course I can upload my XF86Config, XFree86.0.log if necessary, but it's too simple to say Or if any other version of linux kernel supports Hyperthreading, it would be nice to me even if it's kernel 2.4.xx. I am using kernels downloaded from a mirror of and compled by myself, and I myself compiled XFree86 4.4.0 from the original XFree86 source. So I think my environment is very primitive..


PS. I've been using P4 2.4GHz and G4MX440 with the same Linux (on the same harddrives) without any problems.
Pentium 4 2.8EG with 1M L2. 1G PC3200 ram
GeForce FX5700 w 128M ram.
Debian Linux 3.1 (sarge) & Win XP

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