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Originally Posted by h0102468
No he is right. I got my 6800 GT while the game is only good at atmosphere. The graphic quality is only attractive for its shadowing technique. The surface of the texture is nothing surprising and I can say is pretty not revolutionary. The shading technique is even worse than far cry. Doom3 doesn't worth the reputation. The game is a good game but actually the game doesn't worth so many years to make it. I wish H2 won't make me feel disappointed.
Not sure wth you're talking about. I played the game for about 2 hours yesterday, and it looks AMAZING. The textures are incredible in high quality on a 6800GT, and the game is smooth as butta at 1280x1024. You can read the text on the computer screens, ALL the computer screens, down to the little maintenance screens on walls and stuff. When I saw the first droid walking around and the shadow it cast, omg omg omg, I almost pissed myself. I can't wait to get my copy in the mail (hopefully tomorrow) so I can have full unfettered access to the game. The shadowing technology alone is worth the price of admission, as there's nothing quite as scary as facing a wall doing something and seeing the shadow of a zombie moving up behind you. I was sitting in the florescent lighting of an office yesterday taking turns playing with 4 other guys, and I almost screamed like a girl at one point.

I dunno how anyone could be dissapointed with this title, if anything, it's almost a little TOO realistic, since it mentally drained me to play for the amount of time I did, just the unnerving atmosphere will make it like sitting through the scariest horror movie you can imagine for 15-20 hours straight. You really do need the hardware to get the full effect, but we tried it out on a P4 3.0GHz w/ a 6800GT and a P4 2GHz machine w/ a Ti4400 128MB card, and while the lesser PC obviously had to knock down the resolution and some pretty stuff to play it comfortably, it still looked damned good, and once we had it configured just right, it ran, again, like butta.

Farcry is a great game, and it's a stark contrast to what Doom 3 offers as far as atmosphere, and while I think both games are pretty competitive graphically, when I looked at FarCry for the first time, I was no where nearly as amazed by it as I was by Doom 3. I can't wait to sit down on my own PC and try this puppy out.

Oh yeah, multiplayer Doom 3 looks solid as heck, we only had 2 copies to play around with, but in a couple of 1-on-1 lan matches, the multiplayer was smooth as silk, and the included MP maps are top notch. This is truly a game that will be a landmark in PC gaming history IMO.
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