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Originally Posted by ultimate17
I dont have the game yet, but seeing a thousand pics of does look like quite blurred. Problem is they focused too much on the detail of shadows and the characters, and not enough on the corridors and surroundings. Far Cry seems to still be king of the hill.
Loved FarCry, played through twice, once on my 9700 Pro and then again when I got the 6800GT. Loved the game, thought the setting was great, the baddies were for the most part outstanding, control was tolerable, multiplayer was pretty much crap because of the only tolerable control and the stiffness of the character you control. Still, I would give that game a 9/10.

Doom 3 after 2 hours in a cubicle at a local Comcast office = betta!

Only time and widespread distribution will tell the tale though.
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