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Default Re: Doom-III just became a Non Issue in the benchmark war?

I'm pretty sure your right Mr Tweak.. I remember reading that before...

So, Yea, in essence, what you would only care about, is how often the game goes below 60 fps in the benchmarks, and what the minimum frames are.

Yes, you can feel the diff betwen 30 and 60.. some can even see it, say when something big with lots of detail flashes by you (like watching a train go by) It'll look choppier at 30 than at 60.. one way to trick the eye is to add in blurr per frame, so it appears to be blurred, not choppy.

I think minmum framerates is very important.. Cause thats when you need the fps the most when you are actually playing the game. I like benchmarks that show min, max, and avg frames.. even nicer are the ones that show line graphs of the fps thruout the demo.
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