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Default Re: ~ Official Doom3 Feedback Thread ~

I picked up my Pre-order from Gamestop today. I've been playing for about 45 minutes so far and the game is really pretty good. The graphics are nice and the 6800GT seems to do well at 4xaa high detail and 1280x1024. I am playing on an LCD though so I noticed some tearing without Vsink on. I need to setup my old CRT so that I can enjoy the shadow detail because my LCD just doesn’t cut it for this game.

One thing I did notice was that with my GT overclocked to 418 on the core I was starting to get some artifacts in D3. I guess JC was right about new portions of our video cards being used for this game. I backed it down to 400 on the core and will work my way back up to see just how high I can go without artifacts.

Overall it gets thumbs up, but I think the flashlight thing is annoying. I understand what they were trying to achieve but I’d think that the UAC would have figured out how to put a flashlight on the end of a gun by now. So far I am totally fudging the switching back and forth between the flashlight and gun, so it causes me to suspend my disbelief since I end up getting pissed off about it.

Otherwise, so far it’s a good game. I’ll reserve my full judgment until I get totally comfortable with the controls.

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