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Default Re: Doom3 Screenshot Thread **Possible Spoilers**

Originally Posted by JumboJack
If you play the game on ultra and pay attention to the textures, the low rez textures are really noticeable. I have no idea why they didn't go all out and make them higher rez.
because they wanted Doom3 to be playable in realtime in hardware that doesnt cost $500. notice that any geforce4mx user will be able to play the game too ,albeit using lower settings. but not all textures are low resolution ,there are many medium too. if you want to see ultra high quality textures you will need to design the Doom3 levels by yourself in the in game inluded level editor.

a quick sample of a high resolution texture in Doom3..

any MOd maker with abilities will be able to get similar Unreal3 graphics in doom3 by using ultrahigh resolutions textures with higher poly counts.
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