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Default Re: ~ Official Doom3 Feedback Thread ~

well... here's my opinion of the game in a nut-shell (a VERY big nutshell)

got the game last evening courtesy of my gf and the EB in round rock where she works (I am in austin proper and they were sold out here )

i have not played with ultra texture settings yet (for obvious reasons) but what i have seen with high and my AA and AF @ 4xAA/16xAF (I forgot to change it in the CP before playing) and I am gonna say Far Cry rules this game wrt visuals any day of the week... and twice on sunday...

the shadows are excellent... a coupla issues with em but for the most part w/o a doubt the best shadows and atmosphere I have seen.. the audio effects are also VERY good... if anyone does play this game do so with surround sound

anyways back to graphics... very under-whelming after all the hype IMO... to me the game is playable through to 1600x1200 though the mins start dipping a lot more

fyi tip for higher fps... fps with flashlight == about 5 fps less on average than w/o flashlight (note: you can barely see anything w/o the flashlight )

story? I am still looking for an original story... thus far it is basically half-life again with better graphics... annoyingly enough...

I'm not gonna give away any plot details but I am firmly of the opinion this is the most over-hyped game EVER... perhaps until half-life2 comes out and fails to inspire in a similar fashion... doom3 has set the bar in that respect SO high though that HL2 has got to really really stink in order to match this game...

perhaps if carmack had endeavored to put a little more into the game besides pretty shadows (ok ok... the audio rocks) it might have some redeeming value...

as it stands I fail to see how anyone who has downloaded the game will be inclined to purchase this... cept for the shadows (and the kickass audio effects)...
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