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Default Re: ~ Official Doom3 Feedback Thread ~

Doom 3

- Interior and creature graphics are terrific, as are the lighting and shadows
- Nice ragdoll physics
- Ambience and atmosphere is genuinely creepy and at times outright frightening
- Voiceovers aren't cheesy, sound FX are awesome
- Revamped versions of the classic Doom weapons, even the chainsaw
- Blasting zombified Marines and monsters with the shotgun is very satisfying, but not so much with the other weapons -- lotsa good gore
- Save anywhere
- Good pacing, not a constant slaughter
- Plays very well on lower-end video cards (still playing on my 9800 Pro)
- Good configuration options
- Only 3 CDs, installs very quickly

- Boring, boring, boring. I am fully aware that it's Doom, the kind of gameplay it would have, but come ON...kill monsters, find card keys, open doors, proceed to next area in which you kill monsters, find card keys, open doors, etc.? Even the "cutscenes" don't do much to break up the boredom
- Plotline is typical "crazed scientist tries to wield immense power but cannot control it, everything runs amok, blah blah"
- Weapon sounds are weak, lacking "punch"
- The humans' skin is a greyish color and looks artificial
- Many times it's easy to anticipate the next surprise encounter, and that detracts from the suspense
- Lack of extensive interactivity and object physics, such as the majority of glass does not breaking, even when hit by rockets or the BFG
- Corpses dissolve after death, as do bullet holes and plasma burn marks
- Weak multiplayer options

Doom 3 is entertaining, albeit boring and repetitive; still, it's a welcome break from the brightly-colored world of Far Cry. It's grittier and achieves its aim of being scary while catering to the sharpened fangs of FPS veterans. But in the end, the main purpose of Doom 3 seems to be to show off the power and ability of a high-end system more than it is to provide solid entertainment.

RATING (out of 5)
Graphics: 4
Sound: 4 (weapon sounds notwithstanding)
Gameplay: 2
Value: 3
Overall Score: 3.25
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