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Default Re: ~ Official Doom3 Feedback Thread ~

This game scares the living hell out of me. I dunno, maybe I'm just a wuss, I watch alot of gore horror movies and I've seen some pretty decent horror movies where it's what you don't see that scares you, and Doom 3 to me is like being in that kind of movie, where you have no idea what's around the next corner. Sure, it's a cornball plot, contrived to fit loosely around the original Doom, but that's okay, because I remember a few parts of Doom where the lights all went out and you had to fight it out in the dark, and back then it made me a little jumpy too.

I personally think the game is outstanding. I just received my own copy this morning, but I played it over the weekend at a friend's office building here in town with about 9 other guys. I got to spend about 90 minutes total playing it myself, and I thought the coolness factor was definitely up there. Some people are annoyed by the fact that you can't hold the flashlight and the gun at the same time. I gotta say, I think if you could, it would detract from the fear factor of the game. Besides, you can't hold the flashlight with all the weapons obviously, and if Carmack had have made some executive decision about which weapons were flashlight compatible and which weren't that would have pissed some people off too. Could have had a light in his helmet, sure, but I think that would have totally detracted from the atmosphere of the game. A flashlight limited by battery power that you could use with any weapon might have been a good idea, but I tend to think the guys at id are probably 5 steps ahead of all of us, thought of all these things, and probably tried them all out and realized for one reason or another that they would take away from the fun of going mad trying to find out if there's a zombie lurking in the corner in front of you while the wall opens up behind you and one shambles out. Gotta figure that 5 years is a long time to make gameplay decisions, and I'm sure they went over all the stuff we talk about half a dozen times before making a final decision on things like using a flashlight and gun at the same time.

Is it a perfect? No, I thought some of the character models were a little too bland with poly counts that were entirely too low. The mad scientist dude was the worst offender so far, his bald head looks like some sort of 60s robot head. I'm sure there are other issues, some people think run-and-gun is boring, some people think having to be 100% on the defensive is draining and frustrating (I thought Serious Sam was 100 times worse than Doom 3 when it came to this though, and I still loved the Serious Sam games).

Just thought I'd throw in my thoughts. Oh, I thought Gamestop was giving out the Pinky figurine, but I got the Baron of Hell. Still pretty cool looking though .
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