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Default Re: Doom 3 pre-rendered "dynamic shadows" ?

sry I was playing the game

wrt to the shadows stay posted for a few more examples of what I am talking about.. it does not appear to be the same case with all the models... it just depends on their location...

I'll try and post to give an idea of what I am talking about in more detail


since making the initial post I have played through a fair deal of the game and this is basically what I am seeing (keeping in mind other comments posted)

the shadows are being rendered correctly for the most part (I have been going back and checking them after clearing out the various areas) and generally the shadows are being rendered accurately... they vary according to distance/intensity/background and the like...

in some situations such as what I have pointed out (and that I do see coz there are a fair deal of railings in the game) it appears to just be a floating shadow...

I am not as advanced a programmer as some others out there... but it would appear that in certain situations, certain objects are not rendering accurate projections of shadows...

the floating effect I mentioned can be seen in the shots I have posted... I think
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