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Default Re: Doom 3 pre-rendered "dynamic shadows" ?

interesting topic.

as other have said all Doom3 shadows are dynamic and in real time.. (cough).. hehe. well maybe 90% of all of them are. Doom3 can also use lightmaps if you want ,and projected shadows a quick hack to simulate Softshadows. but also if you want all your shadows can be 100% generated in realtime.(i have seen levels that way) but it will look ugly and unrealistic in some situations .the control is all there in the editor .its up to the level designers what they want to do.Stencil shadow volumes (most of doom3 shadows) is not the be all for all shadows situations ,there are situations where stencil shadows will not be apropiated for some situations. read Unreal3 engine specs , it use MAny diferent shadows techniques for many diferent situations. becasue no technique with shadows yet exist that will be good enough for every single situation in a game. the main player shadows i think are disable by default for performance reasons ,but you can enable them witht the console.
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