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Default Hard Locks and Linux

Yeah, Linux is supposed to be more stable. It doesn't seem to be on my machine.

Anyway, I'm hopeful somebody out there can help me out, as I'm not exactly a Linux guru.

Here's the crux of the problem:

Upon loading apmd, Gnome, or KDE, the system hard locks. I can't switch to a console, and if I happen to be in another console at the "freeze point", all input is frozen. Input gets frozen if I attempt to access the apm file that exists somewhere in /proc.

I managed to nix the apmd problem simply by forcing the system not to load the daemon, but I can't seem to fix the Gnome/KDE problems.

As a side note, I can enter failsafe mode, and I even managed to install and run Unreal Tournament just fine. But, most of X is useless without a windows manager.

So, I guess what I'm asking is, can anybody point me to the settings locations for Gnome and/or KDE? Or perhaps to another X-window manager that I can try out? Perhaps one with less functionality won't freeze the system...

And yes, I expect I have a hardware problem (I'm beginning to think more and more that it's the motherboard, but I'm not sure yet...sometimes I wish I was back home so I could diagnose these things with my bro's comp...).
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