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Default Re: Doom 3 pre-rendered "dynamic shadows" ?

Okay, had more time than I thought Here is the sequence of shots I was referring to. These first 5 screenshots are all from my observation that the initial handrail shadows on the floor appear to be relatively unaffected by my flashlight...especially once I am crouched down and zoomed. Seems to me that the shadows should be less intense at best...any thoughts? I could be wrong about this.

Initial screenshot, no flashlight

Same angle, just now with flashlight

Same angle, just now with flashlight and now also zoomed in with Doom 3's zoom key.

Different angle #1, now crouched down and zoomed in

Different angle #2, still crouched down and zoomed in

And here is my closest reproduction of Sazar's original shot...I don't see any problem here.
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