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Default Re: Doom 3 pre-rendered "dynamic shadows" ?

maybe its just me

the shadows just seem off in certain situations, mainly involving railings...

I love games I creep round in (such as Splinter cells 1/2 and Thief 3) and it just seemed a little awkward... dunno how else to explain it...

it is likely that the problem I have is about the same as what you put up.. the intensity of the shadows... the depth of field appears to be unreasonable wrt shadow sharpness/intensity which in turn leads to the illusion of a shadow "floating"

when I took my shots it appeared to me (on screen) that the shadow was but a few inches from the railing...

keep in mind the rest of the situations the shadows look pretty good (usually I am in the dark with gun drawn woulda been nice if one of the guns had a torch on it)
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