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Default Re: Doom 3 pre-rendered "dynamic shadows" ?

Originally Posted by Zeno
Cool . I think Doom's lighting may look a bit off to some people simply because we are not used to point lights in the absence of bounced lighting. One set of photos that shows a real world situation that is close to this idealization are shots from the moon landing.....the sun is almost a point light source and the only bounced light comes from the ground. Some of these pics look very Doom3-esque:

nice pictures..

anyone that says that softshadows are the "future" that hardedge shadows (stencil shadows) have no future.. show them this picture..

it clearly shows that real shadows are not limited to one way or another .they can be soft or hardedge(just like Doom3) or both ways in the same area ,just like the photo. Hardedge in the ground and "soft" behind the hill . notice the pitch black of the shadows. it all depends on the enviroment and how the light behaves there.
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